Leandi Wentzel

Leandi Wentzel

The first time ever hearing from Salon Care was when I had my very first facial at Deuce Hair and Beauty! My face immediately felt AMAZING! I ordered my first products and ever since I have been using it my face feels happy! The products are affordable and great quality! After looking forever what products actually works for my skin, I found Salon Care and I haven’t regretted it ever since!

Shaina Singh

During my cancer treatment my skin took a real beating. I was left with pigmentation, open pores, and puffy eyes. In just 2 months, with only the collagen cream & eye gel, I was gobsmacked by the prices & RESULTS. I am thrilled my skin is getting back to normal. Now I will start the full regime.

Michelle Poggenpoel

I have extremely sensitive skin that reacts to the slightest chemical & over the years products did not help or caused damage.
I then discovered Salon care and its made my beauty routine simple, painless & I no longer need tons of make up. Salon care has given me the confidence to be comfortable in my own skin.