Retail Range

Sensitive Skincare - colour & fragrance free

Gel Cleanser

Gentle, foaming cleanser that is suitable even for babies and children.

Cream Cleanser

Gentle, nourishing cleanser. Beneficial for removal of make-up.

UV Protective Moisturiser

Moisturiser with SPF 5 for children and teenagers, or clients with irritated and allergic skin types.

Shaving Cream

Superior shaving requisite for nourishing and calming the skin that gets irritated with shaving or suffers with ingrown hair, breakouts and razor rash. Ideal for young skin or mature, thinning skin.

Collagen Cream

Unisex anti-ageing moisturiser that can be applied day or night - over the age of 27. Contains chamomile for calming and glycerine for hydration.

Face & Body Moisturiser

Ultra Sensitive. Especially mild formulation for soothing and nourishing extremely irritated or allergic skin. Ideal for children.


Mild mist, based on rose water for sensitive, young or dry skin. Ideal for travel or humid conditions.

Enriched Nightcare

Night moisturiser for nourishing and comforting irritated, allergic or young skin. No anti-ageing properties.


Facial Wash

Mild, foaming CONTROL cleanser for normal, combination, young and acne prone skin.

Cream Cleanser

Nourishing cream based cleanser for dry, mature and environmentally damaged skin.

Gel Cleanser

Strong TREATMENT cleanser for oily and active acne skin.

Make-Up Remover

Water based yet effective enough to remove heavy and oil-based make-up all over the face. Ideal for clients wearing false eyelashes.

Skin Toner

Refreshes the skin and assists with oil control.

Eye Treatments

Eye Gel

Light easily absorbing gel to be worn under moisturiser or sunscreen. Soothes tired eyes, reduces puffiness, lines and wrinkles.

Advanced Eye Cream

Intense re-firming treatment. Result orientated.


SPF20+ Sunscreen

Moisturiser with SPF20+. Suitable for children over 2 years and adults. CERTIFIED BY SABS.


Moisturiser #1

A light bodied day moisturiser with low level sun protection for normal and combination skin.

Moisturiser #2

A nourishing day moisturiser with low level sun protection for dry skin.


A rich day moisturiser for extremely dry or oil dry skin types.


A light Aloe Ferox gel based moisturiser that soothes sensitive skins and assists with oil control. Can also be used as a rescue treatment for irritated, allergic or sunburnt skin.

Anti-ageing Night Repair

A luxurious anti-ageing night moisturiser. Contains Argirelene which acts as an intense firming ingredient.

Collagen Cream

A unisex anti-ageing firming treatment. This is a light bodied formulation that can be used as a day and night moisturiser on the face and body. Contains Marine Collagen.


Enzyme Exfoliant

A smooth exfoliant based on pineapple and papaya enzymes. It is safe yet effective and can be used for all skin types. It speeds up results and polishes the skin.

Facial Exfoliant

A cream based exfoliant containing apricot kernels. Ideal for skin with ingrown hair.

Treatment Moisturisers

Skin Clarifier

Moisturiser formulated to treat active acne or control acne prone skin.


Mild moisturiser for the reduction of pigmentation, acne scarring and uneven skin tone.


Masque Professionnel

A dual masque for all skin types. This masque hydrates and cleanses. Beneficial for combination skin.

Hydrating Cream Masque

A luxurious masque that nourishes, soothes and hydrates. Can also be used as an overnight masque for those with extremely dry skin.

Mature Range

Hydra-Satin Day

A rich, nourishing moisturiser with Argirilene for firming and low level sun protection. For ages 50+.

Hydra-Satin Night

A luxurious night-care moisturiser with collagen for rejuvenating. For ages 50+.

Firming Booster

An intense firming treatment that is rapidly absorbed into the skin. To be used every second day or night under a moisturiser.

Advanced Range

Cleansing Milk

A luxurious water soluble cream cleanser infused with nourishing oils designed for the extremely dry or mature skin.

Alpha C Boost

Take your skin to optimum skin health with a powerful combination of fruit acids, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Must be used as a night cream every alternate night in conjunction with your basic skin care regime.

Even Tone

An intense formulation for the evening out of skin tone and the reduction of pigmentation and blemishes. To be used at night only.

Body Exotics Africa

Dry Skin Treatment

This body moisturiser is designed to bind moisture to the skin. Suitable for extremely dry skin.

Exfoliating Polish

The Real Man

Shaving Cream

A superior shaving medium that effectively reduces razor rash and redness.

After Shave Balm

An easily absorbing emulsion that calms and soothes the skin after shaving.

Fingers & Toes

Exfoliating Polish

A cream based scrub with apricot kernels and pomegranate, formulated to soften hard skin.

Cuticle Cream

A soft cream with Keratin Polypeptides for softening difficult cuticles and a hint of tea treefor anti-fungal properties.

Foot Active Therapy

Moisturiser containing low level fruit acids and pomegranate for treating cracked or dry feet.

Professional Range


Facial Wash

Reduces sebum secretion and controls acne prone skin.

Cream Cleanser

For mature, dry and environmentally damaged skins. Can also be used as a make-up remover.

Gel Cleanser

Reduces sebum secretion and removes impurities. Recommended for oily and acne skins.

Skin Toner

A secondary cleanser and skin refresher. Not for sensitive, allergic nor irritated skins.


Moisturiser #1

A day moisturiser with low level sun protection for normal and combination skin types.

Moisturiser #2

A day moisturiser with low level sun protection for dry skin.

Collagen Cream

A luxurious and light textured emulsion with firming and smoothing properties. Can be applied on facial and body areas.


Enzyme Exfoliant

Removes dead skin cells making the skin softer and smoother. Ideal before extractions.

Facial Exfoliant

A cream based exfoliant that contains apricot kernels. Not recommended for sensitive, acne, thinning skin or skin that has been subjected to severe treatments.


Masque Professionnel

Performs a dual function of removing excess sebum from the skin whilst simultaneously feeding the skin with moisture.

Hydrating Cream Masque

A non-setting luxurious cream base consisting of highly emollient and skin compatible palm oil fractions.

Fingers & Toes

Revitalising Soak

The first step in a manicure/pedicure treatment. Anti-septic, anti-bacterial, slightly foaming liquid containing tea tree.

Massage Media

Massage Cream

Highly emollient light cream base with extended slip properties. Ideal for face, neck and decollete.

Massage Oil with Shea Butter

This effective product changes to an oily but moisturising medium once activated by friction. Designed for intensive massage of body areas such as back and legs.

Specialised Treatment Products

Alpha Gel Active

Based on natural fruit acids, this product is designed to achieve results with problematic skin ie acne, hyperpigmentation, etc. Must be used in conjunction with SalonCare pH Balancer.

pH Balancer

Fluid neutraliser agent. Designed specifically for use with Alpha Gel Active.