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Latest News



We are fully operational and look forward to giving you awesome service again. 
Unfortunately we are facing some challenges regarding insufficient stock of some items,
as the lockdown has not allowed our raw materials to be shipped into the country. In 
addition the ban for manufacturing was only lifted recently. 
However, we endeavour to respond to queries, deliver your products and make ourselves
available to give you the best support and service possible. 
All my blessings, prayers and love for this strange times we live in. 



Watch this space:

I am sooo excited about the upcoming website which is busy being designed with the utmost thought

and care.

It ties up beautifully with our current re-branding campaign. The user -friendly platforms are going to be tailored to your profession, e.g. aesthetician or your individual capacity.

It will be presented in stages as we thought the 1st phase should allow everybody to keep in touch with us. Maximize your time as an individual to ask questions, about your skin or business, share information with us, discuss marketing plans, training for a somatology institute, all the things that we hardly have time to discuss when the rat race is on.




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